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    For when run out of products, we have our refill packs. This way you can enjoy extra long, while of course you optimally reuse your bottle!

    Wellmark refills are a great way to enjoy your favorite Wellmark products for an extra long time! The refill packs are available for hand soap, hand lotion, body lotion, bath soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, sanitiser and dish wash. Wellmark has chosen for glass packaging to reduce plastic consumption, glass remains timeless to use and beautiful for your interior. Good reasons to (be able to) refill them when they run out. The glass bottles can of course also be reused in other fun ways: for example with nice dried flowers! 

    Wellmark refills are packed in large quantities in plastic bags, which means they last a long time and keep refilling your soap. This way we don't waste too much plastic. Furthermore, the bags have a fine and small screw cap that is easy to transfer into the opening of the glass bottle. 

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