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  • Oil lamps

    Make any occasion atmospheric with our coloured oil candles made of recycled glass. The oil candles come in different sizes. Complete your set with the lamp oil!

    Coloured oil lamps make any room cosy during any season. Place them on your garden table on a hot summer day or put them on your coffee table for atmosphere on a cold winter evening. Thanks to the different colours and sizes, you can combine the oil candles exactly as you like them in your interior. Will you choose a set or one piece? It's all possible!

    Complete your set with the Wellmark lamp oil of 1000 ml. Endless fun!



    • Fill the candle at least three-quarters full
    • Soak the wick for half an hour before lighting the candle.
    • Get the wick through the glass holder more easily by making a twisting movement.
    • Make sure you cut the wick to a maximum of 2 mm and in the shape of a point. This way, no smoke is created when the candle is lit.
    • Hold the funnel at the bottom when you fill the oil lamp with oil. This way you pour in the oil more smoothly.
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