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    We have our mood makers for a nice and rich scent at home. The scented sticks and/or scented candles provide a long-lasting rich scent in your: living room, bathroom or toilet. Make your house a wonderfully warm and fresh home!

    Everyone likes to have a nice smell in the house, this can be easily created with scented candles or a nice room spray. Wellmark's mood makers have a soft, natural base, which ensures a long-lasting and pleasant scent in the house. Are you more of a light, yet nice scent in the house, Wellmark also has a nice range of fragrance sticks. 

    A scented candle is of course a real mood maker! A scented candle can provide romance, but also provides some warmth in the colder days. This scented candle makes up for itself because it is 100% made of soy wax and is handmade in the Netherlands. The production of scented candles often results in a relatively large amount of CO2 emissions, and the raw materials are often not environmentally responsible. Soy wax is a natural and healthy alternative to paraffin! The stylish scented candles from Wellmark have a beautiful appearance, which makes them a beautiful home accessory or gift! 

    Of course you prefer to receive visitors in a nice-smelling house, but that is also a pleasure for yourself. With the Wellmark room spray you can create this with a few sprays, so you can enjoy the volume for an extra long time. The room spray comes in the scents of fresh linen and cedarwood, very fresh and seductive. The room spray has a beautiful design, so you can place it nicely in your interior. But also look at the fragrance sticks. Place this somewhere in your home and the scent will slowly spread throughout your home. The fragrance sticks last a long time, because the sticks already spread the scent with a small amount. By turning the sticks regularly, the scent is preserved in your room!

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