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    Take care of your body! Start the day with good body care. The products are vegan and not tested on animals, and they also make your skin wonderfully soft. The products can be combined nicely with the hair care products in the bamboo scent.

    Body care, one of the most important things of the day. Treat your skin well with Wellmark's body wash and body lotion. First wash your body with the wonderfully smelling bodywash, which makes your body wonderfully soft. Then use the soothing and moisturizing body lotion with the scent of bamboo. The bottles fit perfectly into Wellmark's new line with a wider neck and a different design pump. The products are made by people with a distance to the labor market. No place to put the bottles? Make use of the bottle holders with a stylish design. The bottles remain nicely visible in the holder!

    The bodywash and body lotion are real musthaves for the bathroom. The products are the perfect gift to give, but also to receive ;). With cool labels such as 'wash away your troubles' or 'feel great hydrate', this is too nice to get. Would you rather have a different text or a different color pump? This is certainly possible for a small additional cost.

    Can't get enough of the wonderful scent? View our refill packs. With a size of 500ml, they are good for 2 refills. It is of course a shame not to use the beautiful bottles anymore, fill them with the refill packs. The bottles can also be used, for example, to use a beautiful dried flower. This makes it a real accessory for the home.

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