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    The delicious bath products from Wellmark provide a long-lasting fresh feeling. Take our bath salts, for example, to relax for a while. Wellmark has a fine range of different scents for the bath salts and bath soap.

    The bathroom is the space in your house where you can relax for a while. A nice shower or some 'me time' in the bath! To make this moment for yourself even better, Wellmark has wonderful bath products. Nice scents that let you relax extra. Wellmark bath products also have a soothing and caring effect. This way you will come out of your bathroom completely fresh and fruity after a moment for yourself. The bath products are completely natural and vegan, the glass bottles reduce plastic and are of course easily reusable. Furthermore, all Wellmark products are manufactured at sheltered workshops in the Netherlands. 

    With a small amount of Wellmark bath soap you can already create a wonderful foam bath for a nice relaxation. The bath soap is available with the scent of bamboo and fresh linen in the luxurious mesh bottles with beautiful screw caps. The bath soap is then not only nice to use, but also a nice accessory for your bathroom and a nice gift with, for example, the text 'you are the bubbles to my bath'. This protective and caring bath soap does not contain parabens, alcohol, PEG, SLS or SLES. Is not tested on animals and easily biodegradable.

    Bath salts from the brown glass apothecary jars or the clear glass bottles with screw caps. Both bottles have the delicious volume of natural and dead sea salt rich in minerals. This combination provides an extra relaxed feeling. Wellmark's bath salts have 3 different scents that allow you to enjoy the bath moment extra in their own way; Lavender, chamomile and roses. For example, chamomile provides a caring effect for your hair and reduces stress, the scent of roses often gives a deep impression that evokes loving feelings and lavender provides inner peace, this has a good effect on depression!

    For washing your skin, Wellmark has 2 sponges that remove your dead skin cells. Sponge Loofah or the Loofah scrub sponge removes dead skin cells and makes the skin soft and supple in a natural way. Delicious in combination with our bath soap. The fibrous nature of the loofah plant stimulates good blood circulation. 

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