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    Use your bath soap with our fine and softening sponges or make your dishes easier with the dishwashing brushes. A fine range of Wellmark accessories to optimally enjoy your products! Still looking for a beautiful greeting card? Check our range.

    Wellmark has a nice range of accessories for your bathroom and kitchen. For example, our beautiful kitchen towels with fun prints such as figs and lemons. But also toothbrushes with nice quotes, such as 'brush now or cry later' and 'hello handsome' and a matching toothbrush holder. We also have a marble soap dish, scrub sponges, washing up brushes, soap dispenser holders, pumps, nail brushes, greeting cards and toiletry bags.

    Are you always looking for a nice bamboo toothbrush with nice texts? The toothbrushes are available with 3 different texts, so that they are easy to tell apart. A toothbrush naturally comes with a toothbrush holder. Brown glass with a beautiful engraving 'Beauty is an attitude'. Not looking for toothbrushes and holders? We have plenty of other accessories. The marble soap dish is an enrichment for the kitchen, very handy to put on your soap bar. It is also nice to combine with the washing up brushes. They are eco-friendly and made from coconut fibers that are attached to the wooden handle with a stainless steel wire.

    Prefer products for the bathroom? Of course! Scrub sponges, soap dispenser holders, nail brushes and toiletry bags. The sponges can be nicely combined with a delicious bath soap. With the character of the loofah plant, this stimulates good blood circulation. We also have a real musthave for the bathroom or handy for travel. The toiletry bags, available in material velvet in various colours. The velvet material comes from the furniture industry, so the remaining pieces are still reused.

    We also have beautiful greeting cards made of recycled paper for all kinds of occasions. For birthdays, a baby turnout, a house, just because it's possible and much more. In all kinds of fun colors, so for boys and girls.

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